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At BioFilm, Inc., we know that staying strong and healthy is the key to living your best life. But in a world where germs and viruses seem to be lurking around every corner, keeping yourself protected from illness can be difficult. The BioShell™ brand makes it easy. BioShell’s powerful protective wellness solutions are developed with your modern lifestyle in mind – making wellness simple for you every single day.

Our company, BioFilm, Inc., has been making quality wellness products for over 30 years. With the creation of the BioShell brand, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing easy-to-use, powerfully effective illness prevention products that help people live their strongest, healthiest lives. Our proven team of scientists and researchers apply the highest standards, working in ISO-certified facilities, using the highest quality materials and ingredients, and ensuring that every product we make is well tested.

Our first product is a revolutionary, pocket-sized oral antiseptic that provides a barrier by coating the throat and mouth with a thin, invisible antibacterial film that traps and kills most germs before they have the chance to enter your body. Three quick sprays, then pop it in your pocket or purse, and go! BioShell Germ Defense for Your Mouth provides the protection you need to confidently live your life to the fullest.

BioShell. Make wellness simple.



  • Privately held company with manufacturing and distribution services located in the USA
  • Global distribution of personal care products to 40 countries and counting
  • Highly skilled scientists and compounders with over 50 years experience developing OTC, medical devices, personal care, and cosmetic formulas


  • Manufacturing facility is ISO 13485 certified
  • A registered FDA drug and medical device establishment
  • Certified organic manufacturer
  • Licensed California Drug, Device, and Organic manufacturer

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Germ Defense for Your Mouth
Size: 1.0 FL OZ
UPC: : 015594012025
MAP: $9.95

Effective July 1, 2022

Our brand’s success is based on the loyal support of our retailers and distributors, upon whom we rely to promote and sell our products to consumers. To preserve the high quality of our products and service to customers, we have determined that it is in the best interest of our brand to deal only with retailers and distributors that advertise our products at no less than our Minimum Advertised Price or MAP. Resellers are free to set the actual resale price of any BioFilm product, and dealers remain free to sell BioFilm products at any price. This MAP Policy applies only to advertised prices.

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